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by Lori Skoumal Reeves in Announcements

I am excited to announce that my art is now on items for your home, office , or just for sheer pleasure. Aren’t we suppose to live in pleasure? So, now that we are square on that….it brings me pleasure in the morning to be drinking out of my new Whimsy CUP with my slippers on. $5.00 off and Free Shipping
The happiness PILLOW can brighten any space to bring fresh color. $5.00 off and Free Shipping
My Sunflower TOTE I have sitting next to my desk, so I can place anything I need to carry and it brightens anyone’s day. $5.00 off and Free Shipping
The ink and image clarity on the fresh cotton RUG is so lovely, that you may want to hang it on your wall instead of your floor.
What better way to add joyful art to communication devices on your CASE ? $5.00 off and Free Shipping
Order today by midnight…..order gift giving items now!
happy painting!

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