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Oil Painting Flowers

by Lori Skoumal Reeves in Miscellaneous
It has been fun to reorient myself back to many years ago. I took an oil painting class from a woman in our neighborhood with my mother and future mother-in-law. We painted toll painting style on a stained piece of wood! I did apples. Who knows where that may be now. ha
This past month, I borrowed my sons OIL PAINTS and hunkered down with Nancy Medina on-line class. I’ve painted 3 canvases of flowers. It has been good for me to paint in a new medium—out of my comfort zone. It helped with COLOR choices and mixing colors. It made me realize how many little tips I’ve been fortunate to collect over the years and be able to use them with any medium. I would much prefer to have my own subject in front of me, rather than on video. The REAL subject matter speaks, particularly with flowers.
I also know how I love the simpleness of watercolors!  
I will be posting these for you to see/I have 3 left to complete. 

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