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Energy Art on the MOVE

by Lori Skoumal Reeves in Announcements
As we release our thoughts of control and ALLOW instead, beautiful life comes in. Hyrum a chance meeting friend, will be doing an interview show on my art! So exciting. I will announce when it comes out.
My art is now available for purchase on many (your select) items! Here are the links-take a peek, it is so cool!
www.lorisart.imagekind.com  (prints, ability to select own mat and frame-professional)
www.society6.com/Lorisart (mugs, rugs, pillows, journals, tech items, totes etc)
www.shopvida.com/collections/lori (designer fashion with EnergyArt images-clothing, purses, scarfs, necklaces, clutches etc)
They all have unique sales too! Enjoy and please share with others!! 

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