Welcome to my World

     See Beauty——–Be Still——-Relax Nature——-Spontaneous, Splashes, Color——–                                                                                   



   I create from a visual image with design elements and beauty that touches my heart.  My emotions (inspiration) are carried   from my heart to the paper or canvas. My brushes, water, paints are my intercessors moving the feelings into the creation that comes forth from Spirit.

   I begin my art process with a light pencil sketch of what I see. I bless my canvas as a portal for entering. My palettes of color from warm to cool allow me to select my choice of color….I follow my own rules by playing and letting the paints and water flow.  Recognition of compositional elements, sensual line movement, and value (lights and darks) require my gift of a keen eye.   Each spontaneous stroke creates the overall composition. My themes stem from the natural world: florals/mountains.  The strength of the mountains and delicacy of the flowers provide a contrast yet real continuity with the sensual lines and rhythm.  The body/facial image appears reflecting expression. The Divine Energy Art interaction with  (students/clients) through interactive painting and journaling is contagious in the healing mindfulness classes I offer;  holding a BS degree Magna Cum/University of Colorado of Denver. The experience with students of art at the ArtsCenter in Chapel Hill, NC is honoring.

   Each painting  has a story of its own transformation.  I continue to expand by expressing something that is inside me using my left/right brain to embrace life consciousness, stemming from Carl Jung, Georgia O’Keefe, Matisse, Homer, Picasso. Each painting is a journey of its own, captivating a completed creation.  I am a graduate of Life Mastery Coaching program, BALM Family Recovery  Coaching Program, and graduate of the Intentional Creativity International Color of Woman Program. I am using painting as a means of Sacred Energy Art for Transforming People through Creativity. A Natural Remedy.