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LINKS (fashion, colorful pillow, totes, mugs etc)

here are the links to check out with the beauty of my art on! Enjoy, it’s easy! www.society6.com/Lorisart www.shopvida.com/collections/lori 

Energy Art on the MOVE

As we release our thoughts of control and ALLOW instead, beautiful life comes in. Hyrum a chance meeting friend, will be doing an interview show on my art! So exciting. I will announce when it comes out.   My art is now available for purchase on many (your select) items! Here are the links-take a… read more

Fresh Web site ’18

I am updating my web presence! I hope you like it.    I have graduated from my teaching/coaching/painting programs (see Programs in my BIO on my web-site) that I have learned a lot in. I want to start serving clients. Be looking for my upcoming on-line classes with using painting/coaching/group work as a means to… read more

Oil Painting Flowers

It has been fun to reorient myself back to many years ago. I took an oil painting class from a woman in our neighborhood with my mother and future mother-in-law. We painted toll painting style on a stained piece of wood! I did apples. Who knows where that may be now. ha   This past… read more


As many of you may know it is the feast day of Mary Magdalene….I din’t know, except I was gravitated to her through various readings coming to me. I learned alot about her and her courage and love. The history behind her and her last 30 years living in South France in a place called… read more


I am excited to announce that my art is now on items for your home, office , or just for sheer pleasure. Aren’t we suppose to live in pleasure? So, now that we are square on that….it brings me pleasure in the morning to be drinking out of my new Whimsy CUP with my slippers… read more

Friday Night ArtWalk

WELCOME to April 5, 2013 Friday Night Art Walk!!  Pocatello…at American Family Insurance 427 N. Main St. (across from Pocatello Arts Center).   Come view my newest work, that was hung still wet! Fresh off the press it is….STARGAZER!!   My WHIMSICAL SERIES are water soluble oils and are lots of FUN.   Tip toe through… read more


“Sassy” 6″w x 12″h  watersoluble oil $50.00

ARTSARBEN ArtsFestival

                   ARTSARBEN Hello family and friends and all that like LorisArt…I was graciously accepted into the first ever JURIED ArtsArben Show at the Aksarben Village in the city (Omaha) I grew up in!! I am so excited and welcome all of you to come and spread the word.   DATE: SAT. Sept. 15, 2012 10a.m. to 7p.m.… read more

Mothers Day Art

 MOTHERS DAY…………………………………………ART    Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers of our “Big World”. This painting is titled Big World. I want to share the fun story that goes along with it that most mothers can identify with in their own way.   It was a family excursion to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Our… read more


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