Lori is a graduate of Dream Builder Coaching, Family Recovery Coaching and Intentional Creativity
International Intuitive Art Program…she is an Intuitive Energy Spiritual Art Healer striving for ultimate health and wellness!

YOU CAN call me:561 383 0417

 email me: lorisenergyart@gmail.com

YOU CAN create new perspective

YOU CAN find true purpose

YOU CAN honor your self

YOU CAN be in a better place

YOU CAN be worthy

YOU CAN get out of your own way

YOU CAN take action

YOU CAN create new possibilities

YOU CAN achieve your dreams

YOU CAN live on purpose

YOU CAN have self care

YOU CAN get loved one out of denial

YOU CAN be free from addiction

YOU CAN be free from dependency

YOU CAN love and reach out to me! Lorisenergyart@gmail.com