It has been fun to reorient myself back to many years ago. I took an oil painting class from a woman in our neighborhood with my mother and future mother-in-law. We painted toll painting style on a stained piece of wood! I did apples. Who knows where that may be now. ha This past month, I borrowed… read more.



As many of you may know it is the feast day of Mary Magdalene....I din't know, except I was gravitated to her through various readings coming to me.I learned alot about her and her courage and love. The history behind her and her last 30 years living in South France in a place called "La Baume" "BALM"… read more.

I am excited to announce that my art is now on items for your home, office , or just for sheer pleasure. Aren't we suppose to live in pleasure? So, now that we are square on brings me pleasure in the morning to be drinking out of my new Whimsy CUP with my slippers on. $5.00 off and Free Shipping The… read more.